What lies at the southernmost point of mainland Australia?

What lies at the southernmost point of mainland Australia?

Wilson’s Promontory National Park, a 50,000-hectare reserve, is a haven of pristine beaches, picturesque views, and unique wildlife. Located just three hours from Melbourne, at the southernmost point of mainland Australia, the park is a welcoming destination for hikers, campers, and families.

Tidal River Campground is the most preferred stay option in the park. Still, there are also multi-day walks with more secluded campsites for those wanting to explore further off the beaten track. Camping at Tidal River is available year-round, and there are options for cabin stays, campervan parking, and tent camping. The campground has a visitors’ center and a kiosk to research or buy hot food—the campground fronts Norman Beach, where visitors can enjoy surfing, walking, and swimming. Sea eagles are often spotted flying overhead, and coastal tea trees grow abundantly.

The Tidal River Campground showcases The Prom’s diverse wildlife. Visitors can expect to see native wombats, which are pretty tame and known for stealing food from poorly secured stashes. Red Wattlebirds also visit the campground seasonally.

Numerous scenic walks start from the Tidal River, offering a breathtaking perspective of the wilderness area. The walk from Tidal River Campground to Oberon Bay is a perfect choice for all ages, providing immense views of the bay and bushland. The 6.8km return hike to Mt Oberon is a spectacular option for more experienced walkers, offering a panoramic view of the park’s unique landscape. The Prom is characterized by large granitic boulders standing strikingly in the landscape, and the immensity of these is palpable on Mt Oberon’s summit. It acknowledges the traditional owners of the land, the Gunaikurnai, the Bunurong, the Boonwurrung, and the Wurundjeri Peoples.

The Southern Circuit Walk is a fantastic option for those wishing to embark on a multi-day hike through the landscape. This 34 km circuit features trails through the rainforests of The Prom’s southern region and magical beaches like Little Waterloo Bay, Refuge Cove, and Sealers Cove.

The Prom is a fantastic destination for nature immersion, spending time with friends, appreciating gorgeous scenery, and swimming in pristine waters.