Welcome to Voiijer, the social media platform that puts the natural world within reach.


Welcome to Voiijer, the social media platform that puts the natural world within reach.

Social, by nature.

Where in the world can we take you today?


Witness leading high-altitude climber, Kenton Cool as he continues to set new standards in mountaineering and inspire the next generation.


Listen to the Songs of the Amazon with high-definition audio recordings from Meg Lowman, the pioneering expert in tree canopy research.


Go along with Adam Francis to photograph the rich tapestry of snake diversity in SE Asia that thrives amidst encroaching industrial development.


Follow storyteller and deep-sea explorer Andi Cross and Edges of Earth on their two-year expedition to uncover positive stories of ocean impact.

Go ahead.

Take a voiij.

And fall in love with the world. For real..

Advance(d) Exploration

Connecting a community of global explorers, researchers, and nature enthusiasts to share their stories in a bold new way.


Explore and experience the world with a sense of adventure

Join a community that shares your passion for nature, without the distractions that litter other platforms. Get inspired by the little stories that make up the bigger picture—and the beautiful, wild world beyond.


Connect the world with deeper storytelling.

Combine photos, videos, written notes, audio recordings, and even 3D scans to enrich the shared experience—and leave a lasting impression. With Voiijer’s multimedia approach, you no longer need to fit your story into the capabilities, character counts, or clutter of other platforms. Find out how it works.


Share stories, plans, and details in real time.

Whether you’re organizing previous adventures, capturing key expedition details, or planning contributor logistics, Voiijer helps teams work together to create and capture stories from different views—and different viewpoints. All in one place. Learn how.


With its irresistible Teaser function, voiijs can be easily shared with followers on virtually every other social media platform, allowing you to invite your current community to experience your adventures firsthand—and make the desire to explore become second nature.

What will you discover next?

Join the expedition.

Because we’re all in it together.