To create and upload Observations, please make sure to check that your file meets the following requirements:


  • Access and connection to cellular or wifi service. You can not upload or make observations while the app is offline.
  • File sizes under 100MB. File sizes are limited to 100MB. Large files, like scans or videos, are often too large to upload without compression.
  • Voiijer videos under 4 minutes. Note that videos taken on a modern iPhone are limited to 50 seconds due to the high resolution and file size.
  • No “Live” iPhone photos or GIFs. 
  • Correct file formats:
  • Photos (.png, .jpg, .jpeg)
  • Videos (.mp4, .mov) 
  • Audio files (.m4a, .mp3),
  • Text files (.txt) 
  • 3D scans (.USDZ)

Still struggling with uploading and making an Observation? Click here to ask our team for help.