Voiijer is inspired by the scientific method. It’s designed to be just as useful to scientists as it is explorers or even school projects.

  • Ask Question/s
  • Research > Hypothesis > Experiment > Analyze
  • Then share your story of discovery! 

While we love exploring and learning for the sake of raw knowledge, we’re also seeking answers to the bigger questions—and setting up a framework for a larger story, stronger engagement, and deeper discovery.
Stuck on what question to ask? Try these prompts to get you started:

  • What if … 
  • Can [this] help [that]?
  • How many [things] can I find [here]?
  • Is [this] really the solution to [that]? 
  • What does a trip to [place] sound/look/feel like?
  • Why is [this] disappearing?
  • What will we find when we [do this, go here, try that]?

And remember—you as the owner can edit your question at any point, even after you have published your Voiij. Keep refining as your story takes shape!